Neominda Niaga at your service.

Neominda Niaga is a one stop centre of publication services and trading supplies for any customers who need our services. We focus on giving the best experience towards our customers.

We have been running our business since 2010 with trading supplies. Neominda Niaga also registered with Ministry of Finance to be able dealing with government agencies.

Our expertise on business are as below:
A. Editorial – editing, proofreading and data transfer.
B. Writing – writing any project on behalf of customers.
C. Printing – any media such as book, magazine, bulletine, organizer/planner, poster, calendar, folder,paperbags, binding, cards, brochures and flyers, banner or bunting printing.
D. Video Corporate – cater for government and private companies based on the demand.
E. Graphic Design – graphic illustration and photo editing for printing or without printing jobs.
F. Office Supplies – such as office stationeries, furnitures and equipments.
G. Apparel – uniforms or corporate shirt, sportwears, normal T-shirts and custom order for apparel/clothings.
H. Gifts and Souvenirs – up to date items and we also provide custom or specialised gifts for VIPs.
I. Hardcover Binding for original documents.

Neominda Niaga
Registered with MOF
Hatizal Ab llah (Director)
019-6645735 /


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